Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Product Review: The BoG Tag

The BOG Tag is the ultimate gender identity tag for your dog. Got a pretty boy dog? An imposing girl dog? Tired of correcting people about your pet's gender? Want to spare yourself and everyone else an awkward conversation? This tag says it all. The Boy-or-Girl tag is lightweight, eye-catching, easy to see, and doesn't jangle or rattle against your dog's other tags. It makes a statement, and that statement is, "I'm a boy!" or "I'm a girl!" or "My owner cares about gendering their dog!"
Gender identity tag for pets
Photo by Erin Koski

Ok, I first saw the BoG Tag online, and I laughed a whole lot. I guess the whole point is to avoid awkward conversations in which you must inform someone that they got your dog's gender wrong.

I routinely dress Ru in frilly pink dresses, so I'm not so much trying to avoid awkward conversation as ambushing the unsuspecting with it. I get perverse pleasure out of telling people that he's a boy, and I don't mind a bit when people call my girl dogs boys.

That said, when I was given a BoG Tag of my very own at SuperZoo, I showed it to my father and learned that he does indeed feel awkward when I misgenders someone else's pet. So I guess the tag isn't just for overly-sensitive pet owners, it's also for members of the public who really do care about that sort of thing.
proudly announce your dog's gender so everyone stops getting it wrong
Photo by Erin Koski

Pros: Large enough to be clearly visible, but lightweight enough even for tiny dogs. Made from plastic, so it doesn't make noise when bouncing around with other tags. Such an attention-getter.

Cons: I have some concerns about long-term durability. Possibly this should be worn just for outings and not 24/7.

Bottom Line: I put this on Ru every time we leave the house, because I find it hilarious. It goes really well with a pink dress and rhinestone collar, and means I don't even have to interact directly to tell people that my dog is a girly boy who likes being pretty. Though I was mostly amused at first, it has actually turned out to be a really great idea, especially for dogs that are constantly assumed to be the wrong gender.

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