Saturday, May 7, 2016

Product Review: Doggles Jean Harness Dress

This adorable Jean Harness Dress is made by Doggles, the dog sunglasses company. The neck and belly straps have velcro closures. It is available in two colors and four sizes to fit little dogs with chests 9-24" around.
small dog dress
Photo by Erin Koski

I usually avoid vest harnesses for Ru because his back is so long. Most garments are either too short in the back to look good, or too big around the chest. This Doggles harness dress is actually long enough to look adorable on him, without making him look awkwardly long. The leash ring is set back pretty far, so it puts most of the pressure on the belly strap rather than the neck strap.

Pros: Excellent fit for longer backs. Leash ring is not placed at base of neck or directly above shoulders. Wide straps distribute force. Belly strap sits well behind armpits.

Cons: Sizes tend to run a bit big. Velcro sound may scare noise-sensitive dogs.

Bottom Line: This is the only harness dress that actually looks good on Ru.

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