Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Getting Geekier

It's time for a long-overdue update! A lot has changed for the Dog Geek crew. We now live and work full time on a sheep ranch! Zip and Godzilla are both quite accomplished at competitive herding, and Puff is coming along nicely. The ranch dogs are now part of our crew, or more accurately, we are now a part of theirs.

I've also changed my stance on...almost everything. Grain-free and high-end dog foods, ecollars and prong collars, puppy socialization...a lot. A lot of that has to do with experience, broadening my world view, and stepping outside my comfort zone.

Almost five years ago I started this blog under the name Brisbane's Bark Blog, about my dog Brisbane and the products, foods, and places we experienced together. He was my heart dog, and I made the mistake of thinking that the choices that were right for Brisbane were right for all of my dogs. I was wrong.

So here I am, working with my dogs for a living, using ecollars every day, and feeding Purina because they actually do feeding trials to find out what their foods do to the dogs that eat them. I am no longer a devoted pet owner with a lot of free time, but I am older, wiser, and still ridiculously obsessed with dog food and dog gear. I'm just more scientific about it now.