Thursday, September 21, 2017

Dogumentary: Cattledogs Versus Border Collies

The girls and I are on YouTube! I was interviewed on the differences between Australian cattle dogs and border collies fir Dogumentary TV!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Product Review: Alcott Explorer Sleeping Bag

Alcott's Explorer Sleeping Bag is a snug little spot for your pup to curl up. Emphasis on the snug. This adorable little bed has a top that zips all the way off, so you can help your dog crawl inside or lay the whole thing out flat. It rolls up nicely into it's own little bag, too!
Sleeping bag for small dogs

I bought this sleeping bag on sale, and the price was so good that I didn't even read the tag closely. Alcott makes nice, high-quality gear. The tag said it was a size medium, and all the medium Alcott stuff I've seen or purchased has been appropriately sized for Godzilla. She  is 28 pounds, 22" from neck to tail, and 16.5" tall. I thought it would make a great travel and camping bed.

Imagine my surprise when I unrolled the sleeping bag and found it was this tiny! It's actually the perfect size for Ru, all six pounds of him! It's a nice, snuggly little bed with a soft interior. Definitely a great travel bed for small dog, just not even close to medium size.


  • Totally adorable actual tiny sleeping bag for little dogs
  • Machine washable
  • Unzips all the way around
  • Nice loft, very plush and warm


  • Very, very small
  • Too heavy for backpacking

Bottom Line

It looks like Alcott redesigned the sleeping bag, and the new models are significantly larger with sizing more in line with the rest of their products. The 2017 bed also has a waterproof bottom. Sounds like a great improvement! 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The August BarkBox!

Yes, we are finally BarkBoxing again. I had canceled out subscription two years ago after the company's social media team temporarily lost its mind, and then tried to pretend their offensive posts never happened. Since then, their social media posts seem to have been created by actual adults rather than middle schoolers, so I thought it would be worth giving them another chance.

 I haven't been impressed with the subscriptions boxes we've tried in the interim.While it looks like BarkBox has made some changes to the content of their boxes, so far I've been very pleased.


Two years ago, our BarkBoxes came loaded with an assortment of treats and toys from a variety of companies. Most of these goodies were readily availably for purchase on sites like Amazon, or directly from the manufacturer. Only the really special stuff was marked "BarkMade", produced exclusively for BarkBox.

Nearly everything that came in our August Attack of the Space Squirrels box is a BarkMade, which is actually pretty awesome. We got a three-eyed purple stuffed squirrel, a stuffed ray gun that makes weird noises, a pig ear slice, and two different bags of treats. Our subscription is for a medium-sized dog, but I decided Ru would enjoy the smallish stuffies a bit more than the girls. He also fits quite nicely in the box!