Thursday, May 5, 2016

Product Review: Death Star Pull Toy

This Death Star pull toy is probably the cutest thing that ever came out of the Star Wars franchise. I mean seriously, how much cuter could this be? None more cute. The big, sturdy stuffy has a rope handle and three holes that connect with each other inside. It comes with one little plush squeaky Darth Vader, and two little plush squeaky storm troopers. These can be pulled out of the space station endlessly and adorably. So. Cute.
tiny plush Darth Vader
Photo by Erin Koski

I've always liked pull toys, they seem to give my dogs the satisfaction of unstuffing something without actually destroying it. Cleanup is much easier, and the toys can take so many different forms.

The first pull toys I can remember seeing were the Egg Babies by Kyjen. These were stuffed animals with inner cavities that contained three squeaky eggs. Kyjen also sold extra eggs to replace any that went missing. We never had an Egg Baby, but Brisbane used to have a birdhouse toy with three different colored plush birds. He loved it for a while, but eventually the novelty wore off. I ended up passing it along to the animal shelter after Ru joined the family. He kept getting his head stuck in it, and I mean seriously stuck. I nearly had a cut it off him.
Death Star plushy
Photo by Erin Koski

Unlike the bird house and Hide-A-Squirrel toys, the Death Star does not have a big inviting space for chihuahua heads. The interior is pretty heavily stuffed, so Darth Vader and the storm troopers fit snugly inside. This makes them more challenging to get out with less risk of entrapment since Ru would have to moosh his head into a stuffed space and not just a big empty hole.

Pros: Sturdy fabric. Rope handle makes the space station easy to carry. Storm troopers and Lord Vader are very detailed and easily recognizable. Overstuffed toy makes this puzzle more challenging that open-cavity type pull toys. Treats can be hidden inside for added interest.

Cons: They should sell extra Vaders and storm troopers to replace the ones that get lost.

Bottom Line: This is currently my favorite dog toy. It is also Sisci's current favorite dog toy, which is pertinent since she is actually a dog. There also exists a Millennium Falcon pull toy with Han Solo and Chewbacca. I need to own this.


  1. I thought these were pretty genius. =)

    1. I apparently love any Death Star ball toy. It's just so...fitting.