Friday, May 20, 2016

Food Friday: Avoderm Revolving Menu Beef Recipe Canned Food

 This can of Avoderm Natural Revolving Menu Beef Recipe dog food is one of a small handful of Avoderm products that Brisbane can eat. He is allergic to chicken, turkey, duck, eggs, barley, corn, and sweet potatoes. Following his surgery in March, he spent several weeks eating only soft foods while we explored the wonderful (and expensive!) world of canned dog food.
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The Company

More than just a marketing company, Avoderm dog food and treats are part of the Breeder's Choice pet food company. The business also owns and produces Pinnacle pet foods. Their business and manufacturing facilities are in California, so they are somewhat local to me. Like a set of Russian nesting dolls, Breeder's Choice is a brand owned by Central Garden and Pet. This company also Owns Nylabone, Four Paws, Feliway, and Adams Flea Control. Interesting!

Breeder's Choice may have made other foods under that brand name at one point, but currently Avoderm and Pinnacle seem to be the only brand names on the packages. They've been around since 1947, and Avoderm dog food has been around since 1982. The only recall I can find from Avoderm is from 2012 and was voluntary when they had reason to believe a certain batch of food could be contaminated with salmonella. I do not believe there were any reports of people or dogs being sickened as a result.

The Food

Avoderm dog food contains avocado. I see avocados listed all the time as food that may sicken your dog, and I always laugh. Here in sunny California, we have lived in a house with an avocado tree growing in the yard. Growing up here, I knew people who had entire orchards in their backyards. The only detrimental effect I've ever seen is that avocados make your dog fat. If you don't pick up the fallen fruit, your dog will probably eat it and end up a blimp. I've heard warning about the skin and pit of the fruit, but I've never heard of an actual case. 

Avoderm makes a small handful of foods that Brisbane can eat with his allergies. There is this beef recipe and also the lamb recipe Revolving Diet canned foods, along with the dry grain-free Salmon and Potato Formula, and the Oven-Baked Lamb and Brown Rice Formula. Obviously we can't make use of their Revolving Diet plan since Brisbane can only eat two of the eight options.

Bottom Line

This is a good food from a good company. They make their own food in their own facility and have only had one recall in recent years. Several of their foods have relatively low scores on the Dog Food Advisor website due to their heavy reliance on plant proteins, but the ingredients are all good. I am uncertain where they source their ingredients, however.

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