Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Happy Star Wars Day!

May the fourth be with you! I've been a huge Star Wars fan since early childhood, and I'm thrilled that it has so permeated popular culture. I'm especially pleased with The Force Awakens and the fact that half the people in the background are women, whether soldiers or trading post visitors. (Still trying to pretend the prequels didn't happen...)
chihuahua Yoda Star Wars outfit
Photo by Erin Koski

Petco apparently has officially licensed the Star Wars brand, and their offerings have only gotten
better since their initial product line. My favorite bit of apparel is definitely the Yoda sweater. I think every chihuahua should have a Yoda sweater. The least popular product from that line was definitely the Princess Leia harem girl harness, the clearance bin was stuffed with those for months.

Petco started offering licensed Star Wars pet products in early 2014 or late 2013. From the simple printed collars, themed harnesses, and sweaters, they've since expanded to a much wider and more sophisticated product range. R2D2 chihuahua purses, imitation leather studded collars, and some really unique toys.

There are a ton of basic plush, rope, and squeaky toys that just happen to have Star Wars characters on them. Much more exciting are the gems like our Death Star treat ball. I mean look at this thing! It's a perfect little Death Star, plus it's a food puzzle! I believe the current incarnation is clear so the dog can see the goodies inside.
Death Star treat puzzle ball
Photo by Erin Koski

Sisci's favorite Star Wars toy is definitely our Death Star pull toy. It's a great big plush space station with a rope handle and three holes for hiding little squeaky guys. It's so cute I don't mind too much when Sisci wakes me up at 6am with a plush Darth Vader in her mouth.

I'm definitely appreciating the addition of a girl Jedi protagonist. My six year old niece has a Rey costume, maybe I can talk my sister into making one for Sisci?

Check out my review of the Death Star stuff tomorrow!

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