Friday, May 13, 2016

Food Friday: Diggin Your Dog's Firm Up

Finally, Diggin Your Dog brings us Firm Up, the non-perishable dried pumpkin powder we've all been waiting for! No more hauling cans of pureed pumpkin home from the grocery store! No more moldy leftovers because we actually only needed a spoonful or two! Made with apple fiber as well as pumpkin fiber, this shelf-stable tummy supplement has been pretty awesome so far.
shelf stable dried pumpkin for dogs

The Company

Diggin Your Dog actually makes quite a few different treats and supplements. They have a joint powder made from New Zealand green lipped mussels. Most of their ingredients are sourced in the USA. Their treats are made in California, and the supplement are produced in Nevada. Their products are surprisingly affordable, and 100% guaranteed if you hate them.

The Food

This stuff is pretty amazing if you don't use canned pumpkin on a regular basis. After his first round of chemotherapy, Brisbane had some poo issues. He also needed medication several times a day, and to eat lunch for the first time since he was a baby puppy. I was taking him to work with me and wanted something convenient to mix into his canned food.

dried pumpkin powder for dogsFirm Up is a pretty good substitute for canned pumpkin, if you are using it to help with diarrhea or constipation. Mixed with equal parts water and powder, it turns into a tasty goop. It can also be fed dry, or just mixed into wet food without adding water.

The Verdict

For handling occasional tummy upsets, Firm Up is amazing. It's also fabulous for travel. The only thing I wouldn't use it for is adding fiber to make a dog feel full white adding calories. Brisbane has always been on a restricted diet because he turns into a blimp when I feed him like a normal dog. I combat this by adding frozen vegetables, canned green beans, or canned pumpkin to his food to fill up his tummy. Firm Up is clearly not intended to be used this way, the company recommends only feeding it once per day at a dosage of a tablespoon or two.

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  1. Oh very interesting! I agree it is annoying to get the moldy pumpkin cans... I will look into this.