Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Loot Crate May Pet Crate

Our Loot Crate May Pet Crate is so disappointing I kind of want to just send it back. It's an even bigger letdown after last month's crate of awesomeness. If this were the sort of thing I expected every month, there's no way I would be subscribing. Yuck.
Loot pets subscription box

What did we get? Not much, to be honest. There's a Kong AirDog dumbell, because we totally can't just walk into literally any pet store and buy that.

There's a bag of Chicken Chargers soft jerky treats from Loot Pets Labs.Brisbane can't have them, but Sisci and Ru will enjoy them. This is by far the best thing in the crate.

There is a Power collar charm in black and gray rather than the detailed colorful enamel we've gotten so far. I mistook it for aluminum at first, but it seems to be slightly sturdier than that.

There is another sheet of trading cards describing everything we got, which is fun. These are
April's shirt versus May's shirt
April's shirt vs May's shirt
numbered 7-12. These were new last month, and I am delighted to see they've been continued.

Another big change last month was the sizing of the pet shirts, along with the first human shirt to be included in the box. This was super awesome because all the previous pet shirts had been much too wide for Ru to wear. I had considered ordering a bigger size and making Sisci or Brisbane wear it, but they would still be either swimming in it or just look like it was a crop top because these shirts are cut incredibly wide and short.

Each month Loot Crate sends me a survey and I complain about the cut of the shirts, and it seemed like someone was finally listening because our April crate arrived with a shirt made for dog-shaped dogs. Also a shirt for me, so we could match. I had high hopes for this month, but our crate arrived with the widest and biggest "size small" shirt yet. Seriously, it looks like it was make for a small child or possibly a Build-A-Bear.

I don't even think I can sew this one small enough to be wearable. It's cut for a pug, french bulldog, English bulldog, chow chow, or just a really super fat dog, I guess. I included pictures to illustrate the
February's shirt vs May's shirt
huge difference, the gray shirt in the picture is almost twice as wide as the Adventure Time shirt. It's even wider than the Deadpool shirt from our February crate.

Up until last month the sizing had been pretty consistent. I'm guessing the wide variation last month and now are Loot Crate's way of finding the size that will make the most people happy. Hopefully I'm not the only customer asking WTF.

I am, admittedly, not a Mega Man fan, which makes this crate even more disappointing. We got a shirt for a barrel-shaped dog with an enormous neck, a charm, a bag of treats, and a mundane dog toy. Definitely not worth either the money or the wait.

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