Monday, May 16, 2016

Product Review: Canine Friendly Crash-Tested Car Harness

The Canine Friendly Crash-Tested Car Harness by RC Pets is another product that was tested by the Center for Pet Safety. This harness serves as both a crash-protection device and a walking harness. It is fleece-lined, adjustable, and easy to put on. I believe it was originally available in four sizes, but I can't find anything on the company website at the moment so it may be discontinued.
dog car safety travel harness
Photo by Erin Koski

This is probably Brisbane's favorite crash-tested car harness. It is comfortable and non-restrictive, with two buckles on the belly strap so I don't have to lift his leg over a strap to get him into it. The chest plate is nice and long, so the straps sit well behind his armpits. This is definitely my pick for a car harness that does double duty as a functional walking harness.

Like the AllSafe harness, the Canine Friendly car harness did not actually achieve Center for Pet Safety certification. Like many of the products tested, it suffered catastrophic failure of the largest size. However, the small and medium sizes kept the weighted stuffed test dogs on the seat, and head excursion measurements were within acceptable limits.
crash-tested car harness
Photo by Erin Koski

The Canine Friendly harness did have some hardware integrity issues, with some pieces bending due to the force of the crash test. Still, the small and medium sizes held together well enough to make this harness worth using.

Pros: Easy and uncomplicated to put on. Fits and feels very much like a regular vest harness. Small and medium sizes can survive a 30 mph crash without allowing the dog to fly off the seat or strike anything in the vehicle.

Cons: Large size is inadequate for crash protection. Not as strong as other products on the market that can survive a crash with zero damage.

Bottom Line: For small and medium dogs, I think this is an acceptable compromise between a comfortable walking harness and a protective seatbelt harness. It's not the highest-rated thing out there, but it might be the easiest to use.

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