Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Product Review: Petego Hot Pants

PetEgo's Hot Pants are a super fancy way to deal with a dog in heat. These are step-in style bitch pants that velcro over the tail. Petego sells their own Hot Pads to go in them, but regular pantyliners work just fine. These are by Italian designed Emanuele Bianchi, the guy behind PetEgo. They were originally available in at least six sizes but may currently be out of production.
Emanuele Bianchi bitch pants
Photo by Erin Koski

Ok, first can we talk about the rhinestone bling heart on these panties? Sisci was not the most cooperative model, so I just have to tell you that there is a heart on these pants right under her tail. It's so cute I can't even stand it. There's also a hot pink bow on top of her tail, and lace around the leg holes. It's like frilly little girl panties, or possibly lingerie for dogs, I can't decide which and I'm ok with that.

Functionally, these were not Sisci's favorite pants. The step-in style is difficult to get on without a lot of cooperation on the part of the dog. Also, it means the leg openings are not adjustable and that doesn't make for a great fit. Based on the various dog pants we've tried, I'm forced to conclude that Sisci has enormously beefy thighs for her size.

The fit on these isn't great, Sisci's pre-spay waist was 14" around (she may have filled out a tiny bit since then, I haven't come at her with a tape measure recently) These are a size XL for 16-inch waists, and they were a bit tight all around. The largest size, XXL for 18" waists, may have fit a little better but may also have been huge in the waist.

Pros: Easily the cutest dog panties ever. There's a sparkly heart. On the butt. Very light, flexible, and washable.

Cons: For small dogs only, will fit a very limited range of body types. Not for super-athletic meaty thighs. Step-in design can be difficult to get on.

Bottom Line: We liked the Thongs for Dogs a lot better, but these are definitely the cutest. Hearts! Bows! Rhinestones! Lace!

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