Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Product Review: Hurtta Microfleece Jumpsuit

This is it, Hurtta's Microfleece Jumpsuit is the warmest dog outfit. Is your dog a major weenie about being out in the cold? Do you live somewhere with actual seasons? Do regular dog coats leave your pup's belly and back legs exposed to the brutal elements? Hurtta makes a full-coverage four-legged fleece snowsuit for chilly dogs. It is available in multiple colors, different leg lengths, and a range of sizes to fit dogs with backs measuring 8-32" from neck to tail.
It was actually 103 degrees when we took this picture.
Photo by Erin Koski

Ru has a very long back, and there just aren't a lot of clothing options for long dogs. Most four-legged outfits are either too short in the back, or much to big in the chest and legs. I had given up on finding him a suitably warm bodysuit until now.

Got a dachshund or corgi? You probably won't find a four-legged suit that fits anywhere but Hurtta. They have fitting down to science. Their four-legged suits are available in different leg lengths, so your 12" miniature Italian greyhound and your 12" French bulldog can both have a jumpsuit that fits.

They've even added an elastic drawstring at the waist, so you can cinch the middle of the suit down to the right size. Ru has a 12" back and a 13" chest. Hurtta's 12" extra-short jumpsuit has room for an 18" chest, but with the drawcord I can shorted it down far enough to fit Ru comfortably.

I often feel like Hurtta products are designed by people who genuinely use them on a regular basis. A good example of this is the snap beneath the zipper of the jumpsuit. See, the suits has a double-ended zipper than runs the length of the back. You place all four of the dog's feet in the suit, and then zip it. Holding both sides of the suit in place while fumbling with the zipper is awkward, so Hurtta has helpfully added a little snap. Put all four feet in the leg holes, snap that one little snap on the back, and then zip the whole thing up like a pro. Thanks Hurtta!

Pros: Warm and fuzzy, like a fleece onesie for your dog. Allows freedom of movement with maximum insulation. Comes in a wide range of sizes to fit many different body types, including long-bodied dogs like corgis.

Cons: Not waterproof, so won't keep your dog dry in slush. Hurtta has waterproof coveralls for that.

Bottom Line: I can't recommend Hurtta's jumpsuits enough for long-bodied, hard-to-fit dogs that need to stay warm and dry.

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