Friday, December 9, 2016

Food Friday: K9 Natural Beef Feast Canned Dog Food

I was given a can of K9 Natural Beef Feast dog food at SuperZoo, and I am a fan. I already loved their freeze dried green lamb tripe, they're products feel so close to icky smelly dog food while managing to be neither icky nor smelly. They currently offer frozen, freeze dried, and canned foods, as well as treats and toppers.

K9 Natural

Ok, the first thing that's different about K9 Natural is that they are based in New Zealand, land of greenery and eels and weird birds. Lots of companies source their meat products from New Zealand because that's where the best meat lives. 

I'm all for sourcing pet food products from countries outside the USA that happen to be awesome, but I'm slightly concerned with the lack of transparency on the part of K9 Natural. It's got a very pretty veneer, but the "About Us" page is seriously lacking in depth. The gist is pretty much just, "We make good pet food! See how nice?" Many pet food companies are guilty of this, and it always leaves me wondering what they have to hide.

Take Fromm for example; dive into the "About Us" section and you'll learn the history of the company, what inspired the founder to make dog food in the first place, and who is currently running the show. They are proud to announce the name of their parent company, and what other products are related to the business. Pictures of their production facilities are provided, along with the locations of said facilities.

Beef Feast meaty dog foodAfter reading the entire K9 Natural website, I have yet to find a name or face belonging to a real human behind the company. "We're a group of pet lovers like you" is all they're willing to say. Do they produce their own food? Do they own a cannery? What steps are they taking to avoid contamination?

Beef Feast

Despite all the questions I have for this company, I really like this food. It's finally ground like a pate, but not dense or firm. It mixes really well with kibble, unlike a lot of "loaf-style" dog foods. K9 Natural doesn't use any thickeners, so the food doesn't gel up in the can. 

The Verdict

All three dogs really enjoyed this food. Even Ru ate it! This would be a good food to consider if I needed to feed Ru canned food for an extended period of time. The cans it comes in are a slightly unusual size, but just right for splitting three ways as a kibble mix-in.

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