Friday, December 16, 2016

Food Friday: Bravo Homestyle Complete Freeze Dried Dinners

I brought home all three flavors of Bravo's Homestyle Complete Dinners from SuperZoo. These are freeze dried raw meals that are complete and balanced. Add warm water and let them sit for a few minutes, and you have a highly appetizing dog food. It's all the benefits of raw without the mess, and it doesn't need to take up your entire freezer, either.
Homestyle Complete shelf-stable raw dog food

The Company

I've written extensively about the Bravo company, and I love the way they continue to expand their product lines without compromising their core values. While they've always made grain-free frozen raw dog food, they've been able to expand into canned food because they don't demonize cooked food. Raw food is great because it's great, not because cooking is evil. The company does come out strongly against grain in dog food, but unlike some companies, they don't also sell grain-inclusive dog food.

The Food

At first glance, Homestyle Complete dinners look like cubes of freeze dried meat with a few green beans and cranberries mixed in. On closer inspection, some of those cubes are actually made from sweet potato and chickpeas. The smell is rather pleasant, this stuff doesn't smell like nasty frozen raw food. 
Freeze-dried raw dog food

Actually feeding this stuff is mildly annoying, because it takes 15 minutes to rehydrate. You're supposed to add equal amounts feed and warm water, and then the food is supposed to soak up all the water. I always ended up with a little unabsorbed broth left over, and the dogs loved that part.

The big vegetables are interesting. I expected them to come out looking pretty much like they went in, but they must be cooked or something beforehand because the dogs digested them just fine.

The Verdict

I was very surprised that Ru ate the green beans. He loved this food, probably because it was rehydrated with warm water. Cold food makes him even colder than he already is. Godzilla and Zip loved the Homestyle Complete as well. It doesn't come in huge bags for feeding larger dogs, but it works well as a kibble topper after it's been soaked.

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