Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Treat Tuesday: Bravo Bonus Bites Bison Liver

I got these Bonus Bites Bison Liver treats from the incredibly generous Bravo representatives at SuperZoo. These are just freeze dried bison liver, nothing else. They are made in the USA, from American bison and not water buffalo. They are way less stinky than the other freeze-dried liver treats I've encountered, which makes them slightly lower value for the dogs, but also slightly less horrific to deal with.
freeze dried liver treats that don't stink to high heaven.

Good For: High value training treats, and many of the treats in the bag are already just the right size. Picky dogs. Dogs with allergies to anything but bison or beef. A compromise between the awesomeness of liver treats and the desire to go all Lady Macbeth on my hands after touching liver treats.

Not Good For: Low value training treats. Being boring.

How Much We Like Them: Sisci Godzilla likes them, Zip likes them, my client dogs like them, even Ru likes them. I just can't believe how non-awful they smell.

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