Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Treat Tuesday: Northwest Naturals Raw Rewards

Knowing that lots of pets have food sensitivities, Northwest Naturals made a line of single-ingredient freeze-dried treats called Raw Rewards. These are nice little nuggets made from either, beef liver, bison liver, chicken liver, lamb liver, or salmon. I really like that Northwest Naturals labels these as being for dogs or cats. I've seen other brands package the exact same treats for one or the other, but Northwest Naturals tells it like it is.
Freeze dried raw liver training treats for dogs and cats

Ok, I had originally thought that all freeze dried raw liver treats were equally stanky, but it turns out there is a continuum. Pure Bites continues to hold the title of Most Horrible Liver Treats. Bravo Bonus Bites are so far the least odiferous of the 100% freeze dried bovine liver treats we've tried. Raw Rewards are somewhere in the middle.

Good For: Dogs with food allergies. Picky dogs. High value training treats. Cats!

Not Good For: Breaking into smaller pieces. Though Northwest Naturals recommends this, some of the pieces crumble into powder instead of breaking nicely.

How Much We Like Them: Sisci Godzilla likes them (as per usual). Ru actually gets excited about them. Zip isn't so sure about most treats, but she'll eat these. The cats absolutely love them.

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