Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Treat Tuesday: Purebites Freeze-Dried Liver Treats

Purebites are single-ingredient dog treats made from freeze-dried liver...and nothing else. Dogs love them like nothing else. With the exception of freeze-dried green tripe, these are the highest-value training treats I've found. They also stink. A lot. They come in pretty big chunks, but are easy to break up into smaller bits. These are made in the USA, from beef sourced in the USA.

Good For: Super high-value training treats. Training in highly-distracting environments. Treating picky dogs. Treating stressed dogs. Getting my hands incredibly stinky.

Not Good For: Super food-motivated dogs that can't think in the presence of the most amazing food ever. Treating dogs when I don't want my hands to smell nauseating.

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