Thursday, July 2, 2015

EzyDog Checkmate Collar Update

My original EzyDog Checkmate collar is a size large, which turned out to be too big for Brisbane. I recently acquired a medium Checkmate collar, and it's a much better fit for us than the large. The Checkmate is a limited slip with a quick release buckle. It has a short slip section, so it gets just tight enough to keep Brisbane from backing out and doesn't hang too low when it's loose.
Oh Briz, the stretchy leash isn't that bad.
Photo by Erin Koski

The large Checkmate fits necks 17-26"  around, so it just barely gets small enough for Brisbane. It's also 1" wide, which makes it a bit heavier than it really needs to be.

The medium Checkmate fits necks 13-18" around. It's only 3/4" wide, and without all the extra length it's much lighter. This makes the collar easier on Brisbane's coat.

The picture I'm using for this post is a silly one, we caught Brisbane making an uncertain face and cocking an ear in the direction of an interesting sound behind him.

You can also see that his eyes are starting to get just a bit hazy. My cocker spaniel developed cataracts in her old age, but this isn't the same thing. Brisbane has a normal sign of aging called lenticular sclerosis, or nuclear sclerosis. The slight clouding does not affect his vision noticeably and is not a precursor to cataracts. It's just one small sign of the fact that he is ten years old now. Half of dogs over the age of 9 years have them, and by the time they pass 13 years every dog is getting at least a little cloudy.

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