Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Treat Tuesday: Dino Tracks Cookies from Daisy and Oscar's Gourmet Bakery

These adorable Dino Tracks cookies from Daisy and Oscar's Gourmet Bakery (D.O.G. Bakery) arrived in our dinosaur-themed June Pet Gift Box. They are poultry-free, egg-free, and quite tasty, according to the dogs. They are also quite dense and crunchy.

Good For: Special occasions. Handing to the dogs as I walk out the door and not getting my hands all stinky.

Not Good For: High-value treats. Breaking into tiny pieces for training.

How Much We Liked Them: Enough to scour www.DogBakeryOnline.com to see if they sold them or whether they were Pet Gift Box exclusives. Not enough to contact them and ask where to get more.

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