Monday, July 27, 2015

Product Review: Wag n Woof Bone

This is a toy by Wag n Woof, one of Ross's house brands. It comes in a couple of sizes and it a very basic puzzle toy. It is made out of flexible vinyl.
Photo by Erin Koski

This is a small toy that is very flexible. It consists of two halves that are attached down the very center of the toy. There is a small gap between the halves. The bone can be filled with tiny treats that will fall out easily. It is also flexible enough to allow larger treats to be shoved inside for a bigger challenge.

Ru isn't very good at getting bigger treats out of this bone. We borrowed it from Xhuuya the raven, who enjoys wrestling macadamia nuts out of it.

Pros: Extremely inexpensive. Easy for most dogs.

Cons: Doesn't hold much food or many treats. Low quality and easy to destroy. Made in China.

Bottom Line: This is a toy for older, non-destructive dogs. It can be a way to explore what sorts of puzzles a dog enjoys solving.

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  1. Also, it looks vaguely NSFW, and I can't even figure out WHY. Will be fun to discuss and/ordebate later.