Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Product Review: Fuzzy Wumpets Lure Coursing Slip Lead

Our Fuzzy Wumpets Lure Coursing Slip Lead was custom made just for Brisbane. This is a 4' leash specially designed to allow for a quick release that leaves the dog collarless and unencumbered. These collars come in three neck sizes and have a fleecy lining for comfort even on excited dogs. There are well over 100 choices of ribbon, and eight different colors of nylon.
Photo by Erin Koski

I bought this slip lead for our first AKC Coursing Ability Test. The trial rules state that all dogs are supposed to be release via a proper slip lead, but at our trial they didn't really enforce that rule. Still, this was our first one and I wanted to be prepared. Plus now I get to feel all fancy because I have the proper equipment.

Coursing slip leads are very different from regular slip leads. The collar portion has a D-ring on either end so the leash can be threaded through it in several different patterns.

Photo by Erin Koski

Threaded through one way, the slip lead is a secure leash. Threaded another way, it is ready for a quick release. While it is very secure for most dogs, I found that the coursing slip lead got progressively tighter but did not loosen when pressure was relieved. This meant that it just kept cinching down on Briz until I pulled it loose again.

I also found that the lead was a bit difficult to switch from secure to quick-release on a crazy-excited dog. There is an alternate secure pattern of threading the leash back and forth, but that was also very difficult to pull loose. I ended up just putting the leash in slip-mode and holding it that way until it was time to go.

Photo by Erin Koski

Of course, my issues with the coursing slip lead have to do with the nature of this type of leash, and are not the fault of Fuzzy Wumpets. I am very pleased with the quality of my slip lead, it is strong, safe, and beautiful. The collar is nice and wide, so it distributes pressure over a larger area when Brisbane is screaming and flailing with excitement. I love the fuzzy purple lining, it's made out of a fabric called 'microplush' that is soft and breathable.

Pros: Meets requirements for AKC lure coursing trials. Soft, strong, comfortable. Infinite color combinations!

Cons: I wish the collar could come in custom sizes. If ours was an inch bigger, it wouldn't choke Briz when it tightens all the way up.

Bottom Line: This was my first choice for a lure coursing slip lead. Nothing else looked as soft or pretty. I'd like to get Briz one of their limited slip collars next.

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