Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Product Review: RC Pets Venture Shell

The RC Pets Venture Shell is a waterproof outerwear coat for dogs. It features a t-shaped chest panel for added protection and a better fit. this coat comes in five colors and twelve sizes to fit dogs with backs 8-30" from neck to tail.
Photo by Erin Koski

After his dramatic shavedown, and before the current horrid heat wave, Brisbane needed some extra warmth on cold mornings. I had been putting his RC Pets West Coast Rainwear jacket on, but I left it behind at a sheep herding trial.

I found this coat on Amazon in his size for super cheap, so I impulse-bought it. At the time I didn't realize that it was not the RC Pets Venture Outwear, which has a fleece liner. The Venture Shell is purely rain protection, it has a ripstop nylon lining and no insulation at all.

This is definitely a nice coat, RC Pets has some very well-designed products that fit extremely well. Briz doesn't really like wearing his Hurtta jackets, but does not complain about his RC Pets coats. The Venture Shell moves with him and stays in place to keep him dry.

Pros: Comfortable for active extended wear. Lightweight and reflective. Extensive range of sizes. Cut to fit well on long backs. Can be worn over a warm insulating layer.

Cons: A little bit rustly and loud.

Bottom Line: Does the same job as Brisbane's Ruffwear Sun Shower jacket, which is to keep dogs dry in rainy but not cold weather. Unfortunately it doesn't really rain here. I'm having a hard time justifying owning this many dog raincoats.

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