Saturday, July 11, 2015

Product Review: Dogs My Love Spiked Studded Collar

This spiked and studded collar may be from Dogs My Love, but could also be from a similar importer. It is 1" wide and tapers down to 1/2" at the buckle to allow for lighter hardware. There is a single row of sturdy spikes between a double row of studs.
Photo by Erin Koski

This collar is yet another thrift store find. It's cute, it's just the right size for little Ru, and it might be enough to keep my friend's overzealous  cattledog from biting his neck. The combination of closely-set spikes and studs makes it a very heavy collar.

While it looks gorgeous, this is PU or bicast leather. While there might be a little bit of actual cow used in the process, PU leather is fake leather. It starts out with the same look and nearly the same feel as actual leather, but the leathery bit is really just a thin veneer. It's a lot like laminate wood flooring. PU leather is cheap, but not nearly as durable as real leather.

This super-cute, super-spikey collar is quite functional since I actually want to use it for neck armor. It is already showing its age though. there is a section along one edge where the fake veneer has peeled off.
Fake?!!? I only wear genuine leather!
Photo by Erin Koski

Pros: Super cute. Inexpensive, under $10 new. Soft, rounded edges don't rub too much.

Cons: Fake leather is not very durable. Does not look nearly as cool as old, worn leather.

Bottom Line: An inexpensive way to put a lot of metal on my tiny dog's neck.

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