Sunday, July 5, 2015

Calming Music for Dogs

Last year I wrote about the Through a Dog's Ear albums. These are recordings of classical music that have been very specifically composed or adapted to be calming for dogs. In the last year, the official Through a Dog's Ear albums disappeared from Google Play, and then one of them reappeared a few weeks ago.
Photo by Erin Koski

I have also found a lot of similar music just by searching "calming dog music". What turns up is almost inevitably more slow, simple, boring piano solos. The dogs love those.

This year the dogs are all just a little clingy. All three followed me into our tiny bathroom after the neighbors shot off several noisy things in the late afternoon. Brisbane has actually been on edge for most of the week, but our various neighbors have also been setting off various stuff for most of the week.

Foster dog Xena is just a little more clingy than normal, but she doesn't seem to be reacting specifically to the sounds. The big city firework show is over now, and I didn't even hear it this year. We have been inside with our boring piano music and all the fans running.

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