Saturday, September 17, 2016

It's Caturday! And We're Eating at Bravo's Feline Cafe!

Ok, it's not really a cafe, but Bravo as a new line of canned cat foods called the Feline Cafe. Bravo started out as a frozen raw food company, and I tried to talk the Hellions into eating their food eight years ago without success. Since then, Bravo's cat selections have grown.
95% meat canned cat food

Yes, I write about Bravo a lot. They sent me home from SuperZoo with a huge bag of goodies, so I feel obligated to share our experiences. They make good stuff.

The Feline Cafe encompasses two different types of food. There are three 95% meat or poultry selections, and three single-protein fricasse selections. We were given one of each recipe.

James and Solstice inhaled every single variety of Feline Cafe canned food without pause for breath. Admittedly, they do love food, so I'm not sure how a finicky cat would react. I need to ask my local independent pet supply store to carry this stuff.

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