Monday, September 5, 2016

Paw Spa: Lucy Pet Products Surfin' Jack Shampoo and Conditioner

Lucy Pet Products gave me a wonderful sample bundle of grooming products at SuperZoo, including this matching set of Surfin' Jack Coconut Shampoo and Leave-in Conditioner. These products don't just smell like coconut, they're actually made from coconut oil and coconut water.
Mild dog grooming products made with coconut oil and coconut water

Lucy Pet Products

Ok, it's hard not to love this company. All of their profits go to the Lucy Pet Foundation, an organization devoted to reducing pet overpopulation. They have mobile spay/neuter clinics that drive to various areas to offer free services to people who may not have the means or ability to take their pets to the vet. They are also super local to me! Currently the foundation offers services to residents of Los Angeles. Anyone over the age of 62, or with any sort of paperwork showing that they receive benefits due to low income. They also do some really fun outreach stuff with their wave machine on a truck, and have some awesome publicity. 

Even better, their products are made in a facility in California, using solar power. The grooming products come in metal bottles that are completely recyclable. They're environmentally friendly, people friendly, and pet friendly. They're not making awesome stuff like Cats Incredible litter to make someone rich, they're doing it to help fund this awesome program.

Does It Work?

Surfin' Jack Coconut Shampoo is very mind and easy to lather and rinse. I used it on Ru, which he hated because baths make him cold and miserable. It did make him very soft and clean, and the leave-in conditioner also helped keep him smelling nice. I'm really not a big coconut fan, but I love the way the Surfin' Jack coconut scent works. Ru doesn't walk around exuding coconut smell, but I can smell it just a little bit when I'm snuggling him. Just the right amount of fragrance.

Final Verdict

My Surfin' Jack bath goodies were free samples, but I was already planning to try out Lucy Pet Products grooming supplies. I like their packaging, and I LOVE their company! Happily, this shampoo lived up to my expectations. It's not anything super special, but if I'm going to buy dog shampoo, I might as well support a great cause at the same time.

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