Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Product Review: Yup! Durable MarrowChews Ring

I was given this Yup! Marrow Ring at SuperZoo, and it has been a hit. Designed by the Sporn Company, this is a durable chew toy with a center made out of meaty jerky stuff. Dogs can smell the inner filling, but have to chew though basically the whole bone to get to it. That project can take them months, and even people with power chewers seem to report that these things last. This is a big bone, 7" long and recommended for dogs over 40 pounds.
durable flavor-infused nylon chew bone with flavored center
Photo by Erin Koski

Before SuperZoo, I had not encountered these MarrowChews bones. A lot of dogs just don't see the point of gnawing an inedible nylon bone. Nylabone claims to flavor theirs, though having licked a few I have a hard time believing that. (Don't judge me!) Benebone actually makes their nylon bones out of bacon or peanut butter. FlavorIt bones are full of holes so you can add your own flavoring. Yup! has done something completely different, putting something worth chewing for inside the bone with holes that allow the dog to smell and taste it a bit.
Nylon bone with non-perishable meaty center to entice dogs to chew
Photo by Erin Koski

Pretty much every collection of reviews rof dogs won't chew something inedible. I was unable to find any reports of dogs destroying these bones. Quite a few owners reported that these were the only toys their power chewers could enjoy. I also failed to find any reports of dogs breaking their teeth or injuring their mouths on MarrowChews.

(It's worth noting that the ingredients of the filling are basically rice flour, pea flour, and vegetable glycerin. I did find one person claiming that MSG was a large part of the filling, that MSG causes headaches in people, and that it is toxic to dogs. Though this does not match the current listed ingredients of MarrowChews, I do feel the need to point out that despite a lot of study there is no actual evidence for MSG causing headaches in humans. It's also ridiculously safe for dogs. Like, so safe that a study in 1977 reported feeding a diet of 10% MSG to dogs for two years with no measurable effects.)

Pros: Stands up to the toughest chewers. Way more interesting than a plain nylon bone. Cleans teeth as the nylon shaves off in little ragged bits. Lasts longer than pretty much any other durable nylon chew bone. U-shape is a convenient shape for dogs to carry and hold.

Cons: Like any chew toy, not every dog will be interested in it.

Bottom Line: I need to find a power chewer to really put this bone to the test.

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