Thursday, September 15, 2016

New Coursing Ability Titles!

Sisci Godzilla and Zip got their first AKC lure coursing titles on Sunday! These are also their very first AKC titles, so I'm quite proud of them. The American Kennel Club started the Coursing Ability Test program a few years ago, previously lure coursing was limited to only sighthound breeds.
The world's fastest ACD.
Photo by Clark Kranz

Sisci Godzilla has been lure coursing since she was a bitty baby, so she knew exactly what we were there for. She's super enthusiastic, and she also runs like a sighthound.

The AKC recently introduced a new competitive event called a Fast CAT. This is a competitive event where the course runs are timed. I think Godzilla may be among the top fastest Australian cattledogs in the country. Unfortunately, the closest Fast CAT competitions are an eight hour drive away. I'm told the timing equipment is quite expensive, hopefully the clubs closer to me can get equipped soon.
Zip the border collie lure coursing for the first time ever!
Photo by Clark Kranz

Zip had never seen anything like this before. I wasn't sure if she would be interested in chasing a plastic bag, but one of her litter sisters has quite a few CAT titles already. Zip watched Belle run and decided that this was a fun game. She ran the course perfectly on the first try, and on the second day got her first title!

Zip and Sis now have their Coursing Ability titles. Go girls!

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