Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Treat Tuesday: Benni and Penni Duck Jerky Soft Bites

I got some samples of jerky treats from Benni and Penni at SuperZoo. They also had samples of some brand new treats that hadn't hit the store shelves yet. One of them was full of ginger root, and intended to help dogs with motion sickness. Sisci gets carsick occasionally, and I found this concept intriguing. I haven't seen anything like it. Unfortunately, Benni&Penni did not have have samples of the ginger jerky for me to take home to my dogs. They didn't even have packaging for it yet, yet a cookie jar full of jerky for conference attendees to touch and smell. It smelled really good.
soft jerky dog treats

This is a feel-good company founded by someone who made some awesome treats for their pet and wanted to share with the world. The company produces their treats right here in Southern California, and even their packaging is made in the USA. They dehydrate their treats, so the jerky is soft and chewy just like beef jerky for people. I personally refuse to each jerky that crunches.

Good For: Peppy cattledogs that like food. Training treats, the pieces are scored so they're easy to break into the right size. Staying soft even after the bag is opened. Dogs with food allergies to anything but duck or peas.

Not Good For: Picky chihuahuas and border collies.

How Much We Like Them: I need to find a local store that carries these. It really shouldn't be that hard, right?

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