Thursday, September 29, 2016

Product Review: Soda Pup Bottle Top Flyer

SodaPup's Bottle Top Flyer is a soft rubber disc that flies remarkably well. Made from natural rubber, it is recyclable, non-toxic, sustainable, and easy for dogs to pick up. The Bottle Top Flyer is available in two sizes and three different materials. There is an extra-soft disc for teething puppies, a highly durable disc made from SodaPup's Magnum compound, as well as disc made from the regular Puppyprene rubber.
soft rubber frisbee disc for dogs
Photo by Erin Koski

I love SodaPup's products because every single one of them is based on a non-dog object. Most dog stuff is dog-themed, have you noticed? Bones and paw prints are everywhere, on leashes and food dishes and dog sweaters. I honestly find it a bit silly, it's not like anyone assumes a collar is intended for a goat or alpaca because it doesn't have bones on it. "HEY, this DOG collar is for DOGS!" Yes, we get that. Put something more interesting on there.

That's why I like SodaPup, they looked elsewhere for inspiration, and found it everywhere. From soda cans and beer bottles, to rocket popsicles and ring pops, every toy is loaded with nostalgia. Why make a dog toy shaped like a dog toy, when you can make it shaped like something else?
bottletop flyer soft rubber dog toy
Photo by Erin Koski

I was given the Bottle Top Flyer at SuperZoo, and the dogs think it is awesome. I think it's pretty awesome too, most rubber disc toys don't fly like this. Ours is the smaller 7" disc, and Sisci Godzilla likes it so much better than our 9" competition discs. I ended up buying a couple of Hyperflite Jawz discs this size for our first competition this weekend.

The Bottle Top Flyer is shaped like a bottle cap. It's easy to throw and floats nicely through the air. I don't have to worry about bonking anyone in the head with a bad throw, and it's really easy for the girls to get off the ground when it lands.

Pros: Durable. Puncture-resistant. No fabric cover to be shredded. Does not crack like cheap plastic discs. Actually, really throwable. Soft and gentle on mouths and faces even in frantic mid-air catches. comes in multiple sizes.

Cons: Is not allowed in dog disc competitions. Doesn't really work for throwing a roller, in which the disc rolls along on its edge like a wheel.

Bottom Line: I really like this disc for introducing dogs to the concept. It's very easy to throw, and it flies stable and slow so it's easy to catch.

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