Saturday, July 16, 2016

Product Review: SodaPup Original Can Toy

SodaPup's Original Can Toy is a durable, stuffable toy shaped like a soda can. It is made in the USA from natural rubber. The original Soda Pup comes in three colors and three sizes for dogs up to 90 pounds. The company is expanding their product line to include softer toys for puppies, extra strong toys for heavy chewers, and a variety of beverage-inspired toys for interactive play.
natural rubber dog toy made in the USA
Photo by Erin Koski

I started seeing these SodaPup toys around Christmas time, but didn't get around to finally buying one until they went on clearance a few months later. I mean, it's like a Kong, and I already have a gazillion Kongs. Still, I wanted to see how it compares to the direct competition. Also, it was a dog thing I didn't have yet and I have a problem.

The Can Toy is quite solid and a bit heavy. It's hollow with a hole in the bottom to dispense treats. I can jam a dog biscuit in there, or fill it with kibble. Smaller kibble falls out pretty quickly, but it larger treats work pretty good.

This toy seems at least as durable as a Kong, with the bonus of not having a smaller end to get a good grip for gnawing. I suspect a heavy chewer would be able to get their teeth on a corner and destroy it, though. The cylindrical shape does make it a little bit difficult to clean the very bottom right around the hole.

Pros: Non-toxic and made in the USA. Does not smell like new tires. Bounces and rolls. Very durable.

Cons: Somewhat difficult to clean when stuffed with peanut butter or other goopy treats.

Bottom Line: I need to have a heavy chewer test this out for me.

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