Saturday, July 9, 2016

Product Review: Dog101 Body Harness

This soft step-in harness is by Dog101, yet another SimplyShe brand. It is really amazingly soft on the inside. This one has a Petco Sku, so I know where it originally came from. Ours is an extra small for bitty dogs.
SimplyShee padded dog harness
Photo by Erin Koski

SimplyShe makes a bunch of different brands and and product lines of clothes for dogs. They are the company behind Glamour to the Bone, Wag-a-Tude, and a few others. I see their stuff at Petco, Ross, Walmart, Marshalls, and various other discount and big box stores.

Ru has a bunch of SimplyShe stuff just because they make clothes that fit him. He's a bit long and a bit narrow, and a lot of basic dog clothes are just too wide and not long enough. I don't usually use little vest harnesses like this on him though, because they tend to wrap around his shoulders and make the rest of him look extra-long.

Pros: Super soft lining for delicate skin. Easy to put on, and no confusing side adjusters. Comes in tons of different colors and patterns.

Cons: Not very adjustable. The sound of the velcro opening may startle some dogs. Step-in style puts the leash ring directly over or even in front of the dog's shoulder.

Bottom Line: This harness isn't a great fit for long-bodied dogs with owners that are self conscious about their dog's long-bodiedness.

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