Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Our Sileo Experience

Well, we tried the Sileo gel prescription medication for canine noise aversion, and it did not help Ranger have a quiet Fourth of July. Sileo is fast-acting and promises calming without sedation. It comes in a syringe and it given 30-60 minutes before the anticipated noise. It may be given at two-hour intervals while waiting for the noise to stop.
Ranger the heeler
Photo by Erin Koski

Though he was wearing his Thundershirt, safely cocooned in an interior bathroom, with his Through a Dog's Ear playing, and lots of white noise happening in the rest of the house, Ranger still panicked. He will hopefully be seeing Brisbane's amazing vet sometime in the next week, and we're hoping to get him on some anxiety medication as well as unraveling the cause of his ever-worsening limp.

I'm not quite ready to doubt the effectiveness of Sileo yet. Ranger has a lot of general anxiety in addition to his noise aversion. He also has some sort of chronic pain causing him to limp. If we can get those two stressors under control, it's possible the Sileo could help him get through the worst of the fireworks holidays.

Brisbane and Sisci were a bit worried but did fine with the air conditioner running along with their Through a Dog's Ear calming music. Ru and Annie didn't even notice the fireworks. I think the dogs and I might go camping somewhere without fireworks for New Years, just to give Ranger some peace.


  1. I tried Sileo this year for my dog's 4th of July fireworks anxiety, and it did NOTHING. He was just as scared as ever with constant barking, whining and running around the house. It was completely ineffective for him. I really don't want to resort to sedation, so I think for next year, I'll take him to a dog-friendly hotel for a couple of nights. Oh the things we'll do for our sweeties...

    1. That sounds just like our experience! I'm still waiting to hear from anyone that had Sileo work really good for their dog.

  2. Same here. Complete waste of money. Had no effect whatsoever on my dog. Won't throw more money out the window on that waste of time again.