Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Treat Tuesday: Earth Animal No-Hide

I've been seeing these No-Hide rawhide alternative chews by Earth Animal everywhere. I had avoided purchasing them because they all contain eggs, but I decided to let Sisci try one after seeing some daycare dogs devour them. Brisbane is allergic to eggs, and also happily eats anything edible he can find. Sisci isn't always great about finishing her goodies, so I monitored her carefully to make sure she didn't leave any leftovers for Briz.
Earth Animal rawhide alternative

Good For: Lasting about as long as a bully stick, but not as long as a rawhide or yak chew. Being delicious and engaging for about 20 minutes. Dogs that may gulp down the entire chew, as it is totally digestible.

Not Good For: Dogs with egg, chicken, or rice allergies. Surfaces you don't want covered in traces of white goop. Lasting as long as a quality rawhide.

How Much We Like Them: At $10, the No-Hide was just not worth the money. Bully sticks are cheaper and don't leave gunk all over my throw pillows.

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