Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Treat Tuesday: Red Barn Bully Sticks

Red Barn bully sticks are the best bully sticks available in my area. Having seen them in person, I am confident buying them online. These are big fat bullies that take a long time for the dogs to demolish. Sisci can't even finish a 12" Red Barn bully stick in a single chewing session. As these are basically the only kind I've seen or purchased in a physical store, I thought these were normal bully sticks. This explains my disappointment when Chewy.com sent us a shipment of American Journey Bully Sticks.
bully sticks dog chews
I like bully sticks because they are made of nothing but meat and are therefore fully digestible. Sisci tends to consume about half of one of these, and then she's ready to carry the rest around like a trophy. Brisbane makes it a project to devour his bully sticks, and the only one he had to give up on was a 3-foot-long giant stick. Ru will occasionally gnaw a bully stick, but he doesn't really eat them so they last forever (or until a real dog finds them).

Good For: Occupying a dog that needs a chewing project. Safe chewing for dogs that like to swallow things whole. Dogs that don't tend to like to chew things. Puppies. Dogs allergic to things other than beef.

Not Good For: Long and leisurely power-chewing sessions. Dogs with beef allergies. Not being incredibly stinky and gross. People who don't like the idea of their dog gnawing on a dried bovine penis.

How Much We Like Them: I won't buy any other brand of bully stick online. These are actually made in Paraguay, but Red Barn owns the manufacturing facility there and I'm comfortable with their quality standards. I'd be less comfortable with them using USA beef and shipping it out of the country for processing.

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