Thursday, December 17, 2015

We Went to Idaho

Last month the dogs and I took a road trip up to Boise, Idaho to visit my favorite cousins and my aunt. They moved up there from Los Angeles ten years ago and have been raving about how nice it is ever since. Over the summer they took a trip to Disneyland and joined them for a day, and they invited me and the dogs to come stay with them.
Cattledogs on a road trip
Brisbane and Sisci in their SleepyPod Clickit Harnesses

It took us two days to drive up there, with many stops along the way. California is very densely populated, and it was a bit weird to find places just off the highway that were empty enough for the dogs to run and play. We stayed in motels on the way there and back, I highly recommend Comfort Inn and La Quinta Inn for affordable pet-friendly accommodations.

Boise itself was lovely and wonderful! We've been in serious drought conditions for years down here, so it was refreshing to see so much green. I love cold weather and really enjoyed the sub-freezing temperatures. Brisbane and Sisci had a ton of fun hiking, playing ball, chasing squirrels, and digging for gophers. Their Hurtta and Ruffwear coats were very useful.

Ru...is a tropical dog. I tried putting his Hurtta snowsuit on him, but he mostly refused to walk. He ended up riding around in his Pet Flys Snugglebug or inside someone's coat anytime I made him leave the house. The nice part about staying with family is that there is usually a warm lap available for a tiny dog. Of course, when we got back to California it was 80+ degrees and sunny. I didn't miss the weather here at all.

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