Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Product Review: JW Evertuff Squeaky Barbell

The Evertuff Squeaky Barbell by JW Pet is a durable nylon chew toy with a soft squeaky toy inside. It is available in several colors and two sizes, medium and large. I believe ours is a medium.
durable puppy chew toy squeaks
Photo by Erin Koski

This somewhat awkward toy arrived in our September BarkBox. It's a hard nylon toy with one squeaky end, and I thought it was pretty heavy and unappealing.

Sisci's mission is to play with All The Toys, so she immediately ran off with the Squeaky Barbell and started chomping it. The novelty wore off pretty quickly though, and she hasn't touched it since that first week.

It's just...kind of a weird toy. I don't like throwing it because it's so heavy and clunky. Ours is supposed to be a medium size, but overall it seems a bit small even for 28 lb Sisci.

Pros: Durable. Several people have reported that this is the only squeaky thing their dog hasn't demolished in minutes. Affordable, so giving it a try is not a huge investment.

Cons: It's hard plastic and a serious chewer is going to gnaw it into sharp bits eventually. Too heavy for throwing.

Bottom Line: The relatively small price tag makes it worth trying if your power chewer shreds everything else. This might be the one thing that holds up, and either way you're only out ~$10.

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