Monday, December 14, 2015


Is that an eye-catching title or what? It's true though, and worth catching eyes for. Last spring I posted a picture of Brisbane with his head in an empty SunChips bag. For most people, it's just a cute picture. For some, it is downright horrific.
dog suffocating dying chip bag hazard

You see, a dog can suffocate in a chip bag. I had actually heard of this happening before, in a news article some years before I got Brisbane. For this reason I've always kept an eye on him when he has something he could suffocate in. The reason I was able to take this picture was because I was monitoring his chip bag enjoyment.

My dogs go for shredding stuff rather than burrowing their noses into bags normally, so I hope that reduces their risk of undignified death somewhat. Still, I will be reconsidering what I give them to shred after visiting the Prevent Pet Suffocation Facebook page.

Aside from keeping the garbage locked up tight and assuming your pets will happily suffocate themselves in anything that once contained food, there's a simple thing you can do to help prevent this kind of tragedy. All you have to do is cut or rip the sides of your food bags open before you toss them. A chip bag with the sides open is just a strip of plastic or foil. Not nearly as dangerous.

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