Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Product Review: Kong Tuff N' Lite Pig

This Kong Tuff N' Lite Pig is definitely one of Sisci's new favorite toys. It's durable enough for tons of biting and squeaking fun, but weighs almost nothing. This toy is marketed for power chewers, is light enough to be tosses around indoors, and floats. We have a pink pig, there is also a blue octopus and a green frog available.
Heeler with durable squeaky fetch toy

As advertised, this toy is incredibly lightweight and bounces harmlessly off most indoor surfaces. We don't really have winter here in California, but I'm sure it would be great for indoor playtime when it's seriously cold outside. Ours spends a lot of time laying around the yard.

 We haven't yet tested the seaworthiness of the pink pig, but I would be shocked if something this lightweight could possibly sink. I've heard that they can take on a bit of water, though.

Kong pig indoor toy
Photo by Erin Koski
While this is advertised as being for power chewers, it isn't really a chew toy. The Kong Tuff N' Lite products are definitely for supervised, interactive play. They are, however, more durable than the average "indoor" dog toys. They are also lighter than the usual 2 lb. hunk of rubber toys for serious chewers.

Sisci loves to bite her pink pig. She insists on carrying a toy in her mouth every time she goes outside (but not when she comes back in) and the pig is the first thing she grabs if it isn't already laying out in the yard.

Pros: Really, really lightweight, as advertised. Squeak is not annoyingly loud. More durable than a tennis ball, and bigger than one so it's safer for larger dogs.

Cons: After one day ours was full of punctures. It hasn't taken any further damage, but it's not exactly pretty now.

Bottom Line: I'm kind of disappointed that Sisci hasn't torn it open yet, because I'd really like to see what's inside there. Maybe open-cell low-density foam? It doesn't feel empty.

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