Monday, December 21, 2015

Product Review: ZenPet Procollar

The ZenPet ProCollar is an inflatable alternative to the traditional big plastic lampshade collar for dogs that have just had surgery or otherwise need to be prevented from chewing or scratching themselves. The inflatable core is surrounded by a washable cover that attaches to a regular quick-release buckle collar. Replacement for the inflatable part are available from ZenPet. The ProCollar is available in size sizes to fit pets with necks smaller than 6" and up to 22" around.
ZenPet ProCollar recovery collar surgery cone
Photo by Erin Koski

Our Procollar is a size large, for 13-18" necks. Brisbane has about a 16" neck and the collar looks and feels a bit big on him. I bought it when we did the dramatic shavedown and I was worried about Briz chewing up his delicate naked skin.

We didn't end up needing the inflatable donut collar, but I did lend it to a friend for her dog. Penny is just about the same size and Brisbane, and she had to have a back toe amputated. Unfortunately, Penny had no trouble at all chewing her bandages off while Wearing the ProCollar.

I've had dogs come into daycare wearing ProCollars and have had similar experiences. For some dogs it's a big enough deterrent to keep them from chewing their bodies or scratching their faces, but most figure out how to work around it before long. ZenPet says to try the next size up for the dogs that work around it, but I'm sure there's a limit to how much bigger a collar you can use before you can't make it work right.
Air collar recovery surgical allergy cone alternative
Photo by Erin Koski

The ProCollar is a C-shape that opens up, and closes with a long strip of velcro. On the inner edge there are loops through which the dog's regular buckle collar is passed. The regular collar is then buckled around the dog's neck and the velcro fastened to keep the ProCollar shut. On a donut several sizes larger than the recommended size, the regular collar will not be able to pass through all the loops to keep it on securely.

Pros: Comfortable for extended wear. Does not trap moisture against a drooly dog's chin and neck. Does not obstruct vision. Does not alter hearing or make everything sound weird. Does not make you curse wildly when an over-exuberant dog smashes it into your knees. Washable.

Cons: Is not as effective as a giant plastic Elizabethan collar. Unlike the Cone of Shame, many dogs can bend around it, making chewing their feet or tails pretty easy still. It's inflatable so it can pop.

Bottom Line: Part Cone of Shame, part air mattress for your dog's neck. This will probably work on Brisbane because he is easily deterred from hurting himself. So far all the determined dogs I've used them on have just gotten more flexible and/or creative.

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