Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Treat Tuesday: Merrick Venison Holiday Stew Sausage Treat

I ordered these Merrick Venison Holiday Stew Sausages from Chewy.com. These are soft, semi-moist little treat rolls. This venison recipe ismade from venison, beef, oatmeal, potato, apples, carrots, and peas. Perfect for Brisbane's poultry/egg/corn/barley/sweet potato allergies.
horned skull and dog treats

Good For: Chopping into quarters lengthwise and then into tiny pieces for training treats. Hiding in puzzle toys. Keeping Brisbane's attention while I do his allergy shots.

Not Good For: Feeding the dogs without getting my hands all yucky.

How Much We Like Them: They're a nice bit of variety in Brisbane's ever-shrinking pool of treat possibilities.

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