Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Vet Time: My Dog Has a Bump On His Cheek

Brisbane has a big bump on his cheek, and it's probably an abscessed tooth. Poor Briz! At first I was worried it could be cancer, but several of my internet friends have suggested that it looks like an abscessed carnassial tooth. Those are the biggest back teeth in the upper jaw. Of course we're going to the vet later today. I noticed the bump on Friday night, when all veterinary issues arise around here, but Brisbane's doctor doesn't think this is an emergency situation so we're waiting for an available appointment.
probable abscessed carnassial tooth

What are the Symptoms?

The bump on Brisbane's face is very hard, it feels just like the other side of his face except for the shape. It doesn't feel warm to the touch, and he doesn't mind me poking at it so it doesn't seem to be causing him pain. He is still gnawing bully sticks happily on both sides of his mouth and basically acts like he is fine.

The bump has actually been there for about two weeks, but it has been slowly growing and wasn't big enough for me to really identify it as a problem until Friday. I didn't think it was an abscess at first because it isn't hot or painful. Brisbane actually has beautiful clean teeth, another reason I didn't suspect an abscess.

Is this an Emergency?

According to my vet, the probable-abscess is an urgent problem, but not an actual emergency. As long as Brisbane is eating normally, drinking normally, and breathing normally, he can wait a few days for an appointment with his regular vet. Given his various health issues, I'm comfortable waiting to see the doctor who knows him best. I did call the clinic that did Ru's dental a few months ago, but they were unable to see Briz before today either.

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