Sunday, July 17, 2016

Paw Spa: Espree Ear Care

Espree's Ear Care is currently my favorite thing for keeping Brisbane's gunky ears fresh and clean. Sometimes I see people complaining about a dog's dirty ears, blaming the problem on a lack of maintenance. Obviously the dog has yucky ears because the owner doesn't clean them, right? Actually, dog ears are supposed to be self-cleaning. If they're not, that's a good sign that something isn't quite right. Brisbane has had ear infections, yeasty ears, and perpetually gunky ears for years thanks to his multitude of allergies. I know the underlying cause and he gets medical care for his issues, but this is a nice way to help keep the gunk under control.

dog ear cleaner washEspree

This compay has been around since 1989, they originally made products for professional groomers. In the last decade they have expanded their offerings for pet owners as well. They focus on "natural" pet products, but I really just like the way their ear cleaner smells.

Does It Work?

Let's be clear here, no over-the-counter product is going to cure your dog's ear infection or solve his underlying issue. That said, peppermint-scented Espree Ear Care is a nice way to manage the gunk without irritating the delicate ear tissue. Made with tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, and salacylic acid, it dries quickly and doesn't feel like I'm dumping rubbing alcohol into my dogs' ears.

The Verdict

I've used a few different ear cleaning products both professionally and as a pet owner, and this is my current pick for regular ear care for my allergy dog. However, it does need to be used wisely. This product contains tea tree oil and is definitely not for use in cats. It's also not a great thing to be putting on a perforated ear drum, so it really ought to be used with vet clearance once you've figured out what the actual problem is. 

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