Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Treat Tuesday: Blue Buffalo BlueStix Lamb and Apple Recipe

I got these Blue Buffalo BlueStix Lamb and Apple treats right after Brisbane had his second surgery. He had a mouthful of stitches and was eating very soft food, and I wanted to find a convenient and non-perishable treat that wouldn't hurt his mouth. A lot of treats are advertised as "soft and moist", but the BlueStix are VERY SOFT.
the softest dog treat
These are also exceptionally cool because they come in four different flavors, and three of those are safe for Brisbane's poultry/egg/corn/barley/sweet potato allergies. There are quite a few sticks in the bag, and they are very easy to tear into tiny pieces for training. I'm not normally a huge Blue Buffalo fan, but some of their treats are perfect for Brisbane.

Good For: Dogs with allergies. Dogs with sensitive mouths. Dogs with mouths full of stitches. High-value training treats.

Not Good For: Taking more than a few seconds to eat.

How Much We Like Them: Next time I need to grab a super convenient bag of training treats on my way to class, this is what I'm grabbing.


  1. They seem to make some dog treats look and sound so tasty that I sometimes feel like trying them myself! Never been brave enough to do it though, and I don't think my dogs would ever forgive me lol!

    1. I have a few friends and coworkers that would probably taste them given the opportunity. I think they smell good, but not THAT good.