Sunday, May 11, 2014

Chihuahua Fashion Moment: Wag-A-Tude

Wag-A-Tude is a Petco house brand, like Smoochie Pooch. This label is usually found on knit sweaters, hooded sweatshirts, and tshirts. Ru's wardrobe contains a lot of Wag-A-Tude outfits because the designs often feature skulls, which I love. Most of Petco's holiday apparel is also by Wag-A-Tude, and Ru is dressed for Halloween year-round.

Photo by Erin Koski
Ru has a lot of clothes from Petco because their clothing lines do so many things right. The hooded sweatshirts fit my long-backed chihuahua extremely well. The prices are decent, I usually pay around $15 per piece unless I find them in the clearance bin. Unlike a lot of inexpensive dog clothes, the necks of the Wag-A-Tude clothes don't stretch out.

Neck stretch is a big issue for dogs that wear clothes often. It's especially trying for dogs that are difficult to fit in the first place. To fit Ru's long back, I often buy clothes that are a size or two larger than his chest measurement would indicate. For some clothing brands, a sweater that is long enough is also large enough to slide right off. Owners of wide-chested dogs often have similar issues, a sweater that is wide enough around also has a neck hole big enough to slide down around the shoulders.

There are a lot of cute high-end dog fashions out there, but they may not be worth it for the dog that is dressed every single day. Wag-A-Tude makes some great basic pieces that last forever, fit well, and don't stretch out. Ru's favorite pink skeleton sweatshirt has lasted through three years of adventures without fading, and always comes out of the wash looking clean and new.


  1. And the skeleton glows in the dark!

  2. It does! Funny enough, it's a human dog skull and ribcage rather than dog bones...

  3. I’m trying desperately to find more of these for my dog it’s the only hoodie he’ll wear this one with the skeleton print with the candy