Monday, May 19, 2014

Product Review: Planet Dog Cozy Hemp Harness

The Planet Dog Cozy Hemp Harness is a roman-style harness made from soft hemp webbing and lined with fleece. This harness currently comes in five colors and three sizes to fit dogs with chests 16"-40" around.
Photo by Erin Koski

Brisbane isn't a fan of certain types of harnesses, so this has never been one of his favorites. However, the fleece makes it incredibly comfortable and soft for dogs with sensitive skin. It's my first choice for something to leave on a new foster dog for days. Ulysses is wearing it right now. Our harness is a size Medium, in Apple Green so it doesn't actually match either of our Cozy Hemp collars.

I love that the chest strap of this harness is not fixed. It slides freely through both the straps that connect it to the front straps. This means I do not have to lift the dog's feet and put them through anything. I just thread the chest strap through the appropriate loop and buckle it. The top strap also has a loop big enough to thread a seatbelt through, so I could use this harness to tether Brisbane in the car to reduce driver distraction. It's definitely not a crash-protection harness, though.

Pros: Fully-lined with fleece for a soft fit. Extremely durable, and looks great even after years of use. Stays put and does not rotate around the dog. Easy to put on, no feet-lifting required.

Cons: Doesn't come in sizes small enough for Ru. It's a bit bulky because the straps are very thick. The fleece on my harness is light-colored enough that it often looks dirty.

Bottom Line: While it's not currently our everyday harness, this is one that I feel comfortable leaving on Brisbane for extended periods without worrying that it will chafe. It's great for hiking and travel, and I expect it to last through several dogs.

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