Saturday, May 10, 2014

Product Review: Tagnabbit Tag Clip

The PetMate Tagnabbit is a clip designed to attach identification tags to a collar. Rather than using a split ring, the tags go onto the clip itself.

Photo by Erin Koski
This is the second tag clip I have tried, and I'm afraid it cannot compare to my beloved Rubits. The design is wonderful, not strictly utilitarian. I love the little decorative pawprint. The swivel is interesting, it helps the tags lay flat and nicely shows off decorative tags.

The idea is that the tags go on the big loop. and the small loop clips to the collar ring. Obviously I put mine on backwards, the big side was too big to fit through some of the holes in my tags. The small side was too small to fit on some of my collars. A nice thick D-ring is too thick for that little clip.

While the Tagnabbit is a nice idea, it does not seem to be a functional product. Mine lasted through an entire trip to the beach and began rusting almost immediately despite being rinsed immediately afterward. Apparently I was one of the lucky ones, because both the Amazon product page and the manufacturer's own product page are both filled with people complaining that they lost their dog's tags when the product either fell apart or fell off. Both sides of the clip as well as the swivel have been implicated as points of failure.

Pros: Attractive and fun product with a very low price tag, this thing can be found for $3-5. I bought mine on clearance for $1. Eliminates split rings entirely.

Cons: Falls apart and loses tags extremely easily.

Bottom Line: ID tags, rabies tags, and microchip tags often cost $10 each. Sparkly rhinestone tags and custom art tags cost a lot more. I stopped using the Tagnabbit as soon as I read reviews for it and realized just how bad it is. I don't need to spend $30 on replacement tags, this $3 tag clip just isn't worth it.

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