Saturday, May 3, 2014

Product Review: RC Pets Step-In Harness

The RC Pets Step-In Harness is a back clip harness made from nylon, with a colorful tape pattern overlay. The harness is durable, washable, and looks great.
Photo by Erin Koski

I love RC Pet products because of their tape patterns. They make flat buckle collars, martingale collars with and without chain sections, big fat buckle collars, wide martingale sighthound collars, leashes in three lengths,harnesses, and also collars, harnesses, and leashes for cats. There are also treat bags, a collapsible water bowl, and a bear bell. All of these products come in matching RC tape patterns, so you can make just about everything match. I absolutely love the Maltese Cross pattern, and we have a martingale collar and a flat buckle collar in the same pattern.

I love the way this harness looks on Brisbane. The center strap between his front legs is adjustable, so it fits him very well. However, the rings for the leash are not set right beside the buckle. Instead, they are on 2" long straps that make the leash rings ride high above his back. This makes the buckle assembly very heavy. With the leash attached it is relatively easy to keep the buckle on top. I don't use this harness on occasions when I plan to take off the leash but leave the harness attached, because the heavy buckle assembly rotates the whole harness around and end up beside his elbow.

Pros: Durable, bright design does not fade or stain even after lots of abuse. Comfortable step-in design is easy to use. Tons of options for dogs with 10-40" chests. Lots of matching accessories and gear. I see a lot of RC Pets collars on dogs at work, and I yet to see one that showed signs of wear.

Cons: Long leash ring straps make the buckle heavy and prone to sliding to the side. Whoever designed the step-in harness has never actually tried to get a dog (or toddler) to deliberately step into anything.

Bottom Line: I use this harness when I'm feeling stylish, but I like the design of the Lupine step-in more because the buckle generally stays put. This was Brisbane's regular walking harness for several years, but now we're both in love with Norway harnesses. I think they're the wave of the future. If RC Pets comes out with one I will definitely buy it.

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