Thursday, May 29, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Brisbane at 3 Months

These are from August of 2005, when Brisbane spent a week with a friend while I was out of town.
Brisbane was 3.5 months old, and his ears had just stood up. Prior to this we had believed his father was a beagle mix, and were expecting his big floppy ears to stay flopped.

He's actually laying on the floor in this exact same position right now.

Since each ear was nearly the size of his head, he looked a lot like a tiny aircraft.

He was devastatingly adorable, which is a good thing because he was the worst puppy ever and being adorable is really the only reason he survived. This was definitely part of the biting-something-or-asleep phase of his life, and towards the end of the point where he spent more time sleeping than biting.

I'm pretty sure he was herding some Labradors in this picture. I overfed him, so he was a fat little baby.

Whenever I think it might be fun to raise another puppy, I have to remind myself what a little monster he was. These pictures are really deceptive. He was a nightmare.

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