Monday, June 16, 2014

Chihuahua Fashion Moment: Glamour to the Bone

Glamour to the Bone is another clothing line sold almost entirely at Petco. Like Wag A Tude, Smoochie Pooch, Glamour to the Bone is a trademark owned by Simply She. Other brands in the family include Simply Dog, Wagby, Lulu Pink, Pup Crew, Life's Furtastic, Wagwell, Ruff Lux, Hansome Pete, and GoDoggy. Simply Dog is found at WalMart. I think these all came from Ross, so it's possible Petco is no longer carrying the brand.
Photo by Erin Koski
So yeah, basically all of my favorite pursedog clothing brands are related. I swear this chihuahua does wear some really cute Etsy stuff, it's just that his everyday outfits tend to be inexpensive and mass-produced. Just like people clothes, only his come from Petco instead of Target or Old Navy. Anyway, despite their ubiquitousness there seems to be very little information out there on these brands, so I wanted to contribute what I know. I'm sure PetSmart has some really cute clothing lines too, but theirs seem to be slightly more expensive, and generally don't fit Ru as well.

Photo by Erin Koski
The Glamour to the Bone line consists almost entirely of girly little dresses and pink sweaters. Ru has three different Glamour dresses, and they all fit very well. The two pictured here are size Small, they are cut small enough that he doesn't slither out of them, and long enough to go all the way to his tail. The black one is made from fuzzy material. Ru also has a pink and red dress with strawberry print, in a cotton jersey fabric. That one is a size small and is a tad short, but has a nice snug fit.

The pink dress shown here is made from swimsuit material and serves as Ru's beach dress. He wears it on hot days when he doesn't need his beach jacket. I could let him run naked, but he is the same color as dry sand so it's tough to keep track of him. I love this dress because it dries quickly and doesn't get all sandy and crusty like his other outfits.

With a long back and tiny chest, not every clothing brand fits Ru particularly well. Often I have to choose between clothes so big they fall off, or so short they end halfway down his ribcage. Glamour to the Bone is a nice happy medium, with clothes that stay put and look good on his freakishly long back.

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